Friday, 31 May 2013

Saddle Shoes

Hello again, I hope everyone is having  a great day  ! 
Today my focus is split between the time period challenge and something I am doing for the weekend. So I think I will end up doing two postings today. Some of you might see that as difficult but I am so addicted to doing nails I would love to do it for the entire day and nothing else. 
This week's time challenge is 1950's. Now I love doing the challenges but this one was particularly enjoyable. The 50's were a time of amazing change. Art, fashion, music, they were all affected by this generation and of course one of the most important parts of a time period is the shoes!
I love Saddle Shoes. Bold clean lines they made a statement then and still to this day represents class and dignity.   Being able to put these on nails just takes the cake. Have you ever put shoes on your nails? I would really like to see it if you want to share!

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