Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Jewelry with a Reason

Among the many challenges that our family faces everyday is having children with special needs. I don't think any parent is truly prepared for the Autism diagnosis but having worked in the field of special needs we had a fairly clear picture as to what the future holds for our little ones. Now a few years in and many beautiful moments later we have come to see how important it is to not only work with our children, but also educate the rest of the world aswell. Raising awareness for this issue has never been more important. The Autism Spectrum covers a large number of disorders and we are still learning about ways to help. One thing is for certain, early intervention is critical.
That being said I wanted to do another jewelry inspired nail art but this time, I wanted to do it after one of my favorite pieces of awareness jewelry. This bracelet was handmade by some very dedicated people and so I tried my best to recreate it here. The Autism ribbon is rainbow colors in the shape of puzzle pieces. "Until all the pieces fit"
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