Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dogs and Nails

So I have some tragic news to share with everyone, well maybe not tragic but upsetting anyway. You may have noticed in my last post my nails were shorter, well this is because while training the dogs I ended up needing to tackle the big baby mastiff to stop him from getting hit by a car. He's fine but my nails got trashed. My pinkie fingernail was torn almost completely off. I now only have about a third of it left down by the cuticle and to add insult to injury I am stuck wearing this contraption that my hubby made to protect my finger. It works really well it's just not pretty at all! So I am pouting today!


  1. The things we will sacrifice for the critters with love. Worth it but painful - hope your finger heals soon!

  2. Good that your dog and you are okay though.