Friday, 7 June 2013

Unlikely Pair

Hello everyone! I am so sorry this post has taken so long to get out. Today's post is for the "She who does nail art challenges" Two colors that you would never have put together . Now there are a few things that I noticed while doing this challenge. The first one is that I have quite a bit of polish that I haven't really played with yet. The second is that a good chunk of it is either pink/red or blue/teal. I. Don't seem to have alot in other colors. So when faced with this challenge I discovered that I need to go shopping for some new ones and we all know how terrible that can be.... Umm no problems with that!

In the meantime I went ahead and chose two colors that weren't pink or blue but instead I chose khaki from Rime London and Unicorn from Sinful colors. To my surprise this actually turned out to be really pretty. I guess you never know until you try it!

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